Fancy plywood is widely used in furniture making, door face and interior decorations. Fancy plywood is well calibrated surface plywood laminated with a decorative hardwood veneer laminated on one face


Fancy plywood, also called decorative plywood, is usually veneered on top of carefully manufactured thin plywood sheet with good-looking hardwood veneers, such as Rose Wood, Teak, 

Red oak, Ash, White oak, Birch, Maple, Sapele, Cherry, Beech, Walnut and so on. Fancy plywood is used where the appearance of plywood surface is most important. So Briscoz’s “Briz-Décor” fancy plywoods are made of carefully selected A grade veneers to match the grain & smooth surface.

  • Thickness & Size :3.5mm, 5mm & 6mm 4’*8′
  • Usage: Used in paneling and furniture making.
  • Country of Origin :Base Plywood made in Malaysia, Indonesia. Veneered in India


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