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Plywood is an extremely practical and cost-effective building material. It offers many advantages that contribute to the creation of solid built structures with great durability. An extremely versatile and stable material, plywood is commonly used for a wide range of structural, interior and exterior applications depending on its targeted usage.

An extremely versatile product, we can find that plywood is extensively applied all around us due to its excellent strength and resistance to damage. Not only does it provide us strong shelter and protection from the elements, it also allows us to achieve endless possibilities.

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Driven by a group of professional teams who understand the needs of rapidly changing market and delivering the promises. We put our effort to deliver what our customer needs and strive to establish the same by bringing the best for them.



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About Us

We are a company specialized in developing & manufacturing various engineered wood products that
withstand for many years. We keep our focus on delivering customer satisfaction which justify value
for money. Our products are made out of carefully selected quality hardwood from South East Asian

Why Briscoz

At Briscoz our first priority is “Quality” because we understand quality is critical to satisfy our customers and retaining their loyalty. So we always focus to maintain our quality while designing, developing and manufacturing our products. We keep our utmost care right from procuring raw materials till manufacture it in the tier 1 manufacturing facilities. We also provide customized products to the projects where specific requirements are supposed to be fulfilled.

Our professional team is well capable of understanding the needs of our customers and assist them to choose the right product, so come to us we will take care of the rest.



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